New logo / Rebranding

Cocoo’in Beauty Institute of Beaulieu-sur-Mer unveils its new visual identity and logo.

So Cocoon'in - Logo
So Cocoon'in
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So Cocoon'in - Identité visuelle
So Cocoon'in - Identité visuelle
So Cocoon'in - Identité visuelle
So Cocoon'in - Identité visuelle
Color Palette
So Cocoon'in - Identité visuelle

At the beginning of 2022, the Cocoon’in Beauty Institute of Beaulieu-sur-Mer is getting a makeover and entrusting its rebranding and new logo to the Valérie Sayrignac Communications agency.

Our creative team carried out an in-depth work on the brand strategy of this brand. And it all starts with a name change: Cocoon’in becomes So Cocoon’in.
In order to anchor the brand in its warm and refined universe, the different graphic elements of the new logo are articulated around a stylization of the letter S, the first name of the founder of the institute, Stéphanie. The symmetrical shape on the vertical axis is reminiscent of a snake, similar to the one that attracts Eve to make her aware of her body and her beauty.

Thus, this majestic looking S with sharp serifs acts as an affirmation of confidence and beauty. The shape comes from Stephanie’s last name, Odin. This wide, finely contoured circle adds a precious and emotional edge to the design. With this finesse in the line, we find the conceptual and graphic counterpart of strength present in the previous symbol.

The color palette has been reduced and simplified so as not to introduce new harmonies that would dilute the concept of the visual identity. Thus, an approach rich in contrasts and soft tones was chosen, bringing to the brand notions such as stability and solidity while allowing it to maintain an elegant and refined tone.

Both sober and modern, the visual identity anchors the brand in a refined and professional universe and is in line with the team’s desire to offer high quality services to its local and international clientele.

Activity : Beauty Salon
Sector : Beaulieu-sur-Mer
Client : Institut de beauté So Cocoon’in
Year : 2022